Saturday, April 26, 2008

Proud of my peeps

Look, this doesn't have much to do with H40P's but who doesn't like a cute kid? The ladies do especially when I tell them this is a video of me as a baby. I kid, I kid.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Friday Night and I feel . . . a little tired honestly

Alright, no crazy responses to the H4P vs H40P battle so I'm going with what I'm most partial with: H40P. Done.

The work is over and the weekend upon us. I'm not sure about you H40P's out there but this guy is beat. No plans for tonight but I do have some for tomorrow night. Heading out to Savannah's in Costa Mesa with some H40P's with a few 20 somethings mixed in for good measure. I've heard it's a good time. Nothing too crazy at what is Chet Noir under new management with a new name.
I'll let you know how it ends up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who dat is?

As the description of the blog suggests, Hot 40 Plus is a blog designed for active and attractive men and women over the age of 40.

Before we go on, let's dispense with the Cougar and MILF monikers. Wait, what names do hot older men have besides "Sugar Daddy" which may or may not indicate "hotness?" Whatever, the new red badge of courage is . . . H4P!!! Or is it H40P???? Both of which are abbreviated versions of Hot 40 Plus. Some market research indicates that H40P has too many syllables and H4P may be focusing on the up-and-coming toddlers on baller status. In either case, the new name(s) is(are) catchy, non-gender specific, no negative connotations that I can think of soooo . . . start using it!!! Say it . . . saaayy it . . . you like it don't you?

Most lifestyle publications target 18-25 y/o men/women or 25-40 y/o men/women but stop short of the Hot 40 Plus crowd. Any publications that cover lifestyle and society topics and focuses on the Hot 40 Plus crowd are . . . yawn . . . a little dry. I like garden parties as much as the next guy but prefer to head out to a place with good food, stiff drinks, loud music, and some eye candy.

If you're like minded then let's hear about your favorite hot spots in the OC and LA. We'll start including other metropolises later but let's focus on spots near and dear to my heart.

Give me some feedback on the new class of mature, sophisticated, wild children, and the name-H4P vs H40P.

Until next time . . . live young to stay young.